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Hi, I'm Charlie!

A 21 year old software engineer, designer and entrepreneur currently building my game analytics business, Analyse and writing new articles.

About me

Hey, I'm Charlie Joseph, a 21 year old entrepreneur with a passion in designing and building premium solutions. I put a lot of time and effort into each and every project, ensuring they're designed well and structured correctly for SEO.

My current tech stack of choice is Laravel, Vue.js, Inertia.js and Tailwind CSS (VILT). I also have experience with Java, Node.js, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, GIT, Debian and Redis.

Outside of programming, I enjoy spending time with my 1.5y old Pomeranian called Chico or playing Apex Legends. Adventures are also fun!

Active projects

I am currently full-time building Analyse, a game server analytics platform for Minecraft server admins. Analyse provides in-depth analytics that help server admins to better understand their Minecraft audience. In addition, I also have a few side-projects that work on auto pilot:

  • JoinServers (A game server listing platform)
  • BTCC Zone (A fan page for the British Touring Car Championship)

You can also check my portfolio to view my previous client work.

My journey

I've been programming since I was 13 years old, starting off with Java so I could build Minecraft server-sided modifications. As time went on, I started learning web development aged 15 which pioneered my career. I have since gone on to launch multiple businesses, and have since sold my first successful business at just 20 years old after launching it a year ago.


I love writing new articles in my spare time with any problems I've managed to fix, aiding other developers who may come across the same issue. You can check out my articles to see what I've been up to.

I have also written various articles on other websites, such as:

Contact me

If you wish to hire me for consulting or development work, or wish to work together, here is my current verifiable methods of contact.