Sometimes I blog developer tips or my experience with start-ups.

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How to create sitemaps for a Nuxt 3 static-generated site

I run a Minecraft server analytics platform which utilises Nuxt 3 for its website, which uses the Nuxt content module for creating the blogs and documentation pages powered by markdown files. This works amazingly well but no sitemap has meant a portion of my website hasn’t been indexed by search engines, as you can imagine this is a problem for those searching for our documentation.

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My 2022 Rebrand

For many years I’ve always kept my personal branding to just an avatar to myself, however it never stood out as being professional, and made harder to incorporate online.

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Ship fast, refactor later

Ever found yourself spending time trying to make your code more optimised and scale-able, for a project that isn’t yet released? Even making small adjustments to your design - this font, that spacing, this colour and that layout?